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On its 15th anniversary, Jazzpospolita releases a new album "Obiekt", which is probably the furthest departure from its current aesthetics.

On the new album, Jazzpospolita uses minimalistic means of expression, focusing more on atmospheric, spacious sound and mood. However, the album also includes heavier playing and melodies typical of their earlier work. 

The genesis of this new chapter was my acquaintance with Michał Milczarek, which began with making ambient scapes together. "Obiekt" is an album that largely comes from a mood and atmosphere close to minimalism and repetitive music - this is what the band's founder, Stefan Nowakowski, says about the new album. 

Those who are used to humor and peculiarities in the titles of compositions, which again leave a lot of room for interpretation, will not be disappointed either. 

The album is released on September 29 by Audio Cave.

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